For even more variety and adventure on the island of gods and demons, we offer you a variety of exciting day tours for all ages: Enjoy with us the culinary delights of the largest island archipelago in the world during a food safari – discover the floral Treasure trove of Indonesia and learn to extract exotic meals, beauty products and scents from them – Climb the sacred mountains of Bali and reward yourself with a spectacular sunrise – Immerse yourself in the colorful underwater world and explore sunken ships – Take part in the everyday life of the Balinese Village communities and help the farmers with the traditional tilling and harvesting of the fields and much more …


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-01
(children from 40 USD; adults from 85 USD p. p.)

We are happy to share our passion for exotic food with you and invite you on a journey through the culinary, authentic world to experience and enjoy the traditional delicacies of Bali. Expand your cultural and culinary horizons with us.
Don’t expect hotel menus or Michelin star restaurants. As everywhere in the world, the best and most authentic food is passed on in the family for generations and is cooked by hand with care and love.
You dine where the Balinese themselves prefer to eat and experience not only the culinary delicacies but also the authentic village life and the culture of the Balinese.
Your private food guide and driver will pick you up at the reception of your hotel and will not tell you beforehand exactly where you are going until the journey begins. You should definitely not fill your stomach at the breakfast buffet beforehand.
You can expect a balanced mix of traditional starters, main courses and desserts.
The menu includes the following specialties: Babi Guling, Tipak Cantok, Ayam Betutu, Lumpia, Klepon, Daluman and Komoh.
Private food guide, transfer, as well as meals, Balinese soft drinks and water are included in this tour.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-02
(children from 55 USD; adults from 85 USD p. p.)

If you have not already enjoyed Indonesian and Balinese specialties before your vacation, you will surely get a taste of the culinary delights in the first few days.
So that you can cook your favorite dishes at home and always have the taste and memories of your dream vacation on your tongue, a cooking course under the professional guidance of an experienced Balinese cook is worthwhile.
You don’t just get all the ingredients served on the table, you go with the cook to a traditional market and buy the ingredients fresh, thereby not only learning the right choice, but also more about the traditional culture and everyday life of the Balinese know.
With the fresh ingredients of spices, vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, you will learn how to prepare classic Indonesian or Balinese classics, such as B. Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado, Babi Guling, Satay, various curries, Ikan Bakar and many more.
Your cooking course will last around 8 hours and you will learn to cook 10 different dishes. Of course, you can taste every dish yourself and also taste alcoholic beverages such as rice wine and the traditional Balinese Schaps Arak.
The cooking course is suitable for everyone (even the most inexperienced cook). No matter how old, no matter how talented, you will
Have fun, learn a lot of new things and certainly don’t starve to death that day!
Your private transfer, shopping at the traditional market, breakfast and lunch are of course included. Selamat Makan !!!


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-03
(children from 60 USD; adults from 85 USD p. p.)

Actually everyone likes chocolate – but even if not, you shouldn’t let this fun be taken away from you. Indonesia is a chocolate country, with some of the best cocoa beans in the world.
So take the time to make your own chocolate with the best ingredients.
Before that happens, you will learn about the process and production from harvesting to roasting to the finished chocolate bar.
Don’t miss out on trying the delicious raw and freshly roasted cocoa beans.
Your journey begins, as it should be, at the birthplace of the chocolate bar – the cocoa tree, and ends somewhat atypically, with Honey Bears.
During the manufacturing process, you lend a hand and make your own chocolate elephant, a unique souvenir for friends and relatives, if it makes it back home.
After you have been initiated into the secrets of chocolate production, it is time to visit the Honey Bears.
The bears have lived on the factory premises since they were freed by poachers. They are absolutely peaceful and since their new freedom they have got used to people and, above all, to the sweet smell of chocolate.
When the bears come to you, they come voluntarily and are not forced to take photos with tourists. But chocolate definitely attracts them.
Your transfer, guide, plantation & factory tour, chocolate making course, welcome drink, lunch and mineral water are of course included.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-04
(children from 70 USD; adults from 115 USD p. p.)

Experience a vacation on the farm in its tropical version. Immerse yourself in the daily work of the Balinese farmers for a whole day and learn more about the culture, customs and traditions. Your hosts live in traditional bamboo huts and have always cooked with firewood and simple cooking utensils. You will also not find a tractor or similar modern equipment for cultivating fields. Everything you experience and where you will contribute is traditionally carefully created by hand or with the power of water buffalo.
The local farmers and your guide explain everything you need to know about exotic fruits, coffee, palm sugar, avocados, mangoes, durians and much more, their cultivation, harvest, processing and sale at the local market. Of course, you will also visit this traditional market with your guide.
Hike through the picturesque and world-famous rice terraces and the surrounding idyllic villages and learn how the rice terraces are systematically laid out. Depending on the season, you can use the opportunity to help plant the rice children yourself. You will be amazed at the physical exertion it takes.
As a reward, you can look forward to a wonderful swim in the crystal clear waters of the surrounding hot springs. Relax while sunbathing on the rocks under the shade of bamboo trees and enjoy the wonderful tranquility and nature around you.
Your tour includes the following inclusive services: Transfer, guide, welcome drink, tour through the traditional Balinese villages, plantations and rice terraces, bathing in the hot, natural springs, a towel and traditional sarong, mineral water and a fantastic 3-course lunch with the organically grown delicacies of the season.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-05
(children from 70 USD; adults from 70 USD p. p.)

Explore Indonesia’s treasuries and learn the secrets of the beauty industry in the tropical rainforest.
Your private guide takes you on an unforgettable time and experience in the herb gardens and plantations of Ubud.
Here you not only learn specialist knowledge about all herbs and plants that are processed into beauty products worldwide, but also learn how to make them up close.
Regardless of whether it is a face mask, cleansing lotion or essential oils for SPA use, you will be trained to become an expert in beauty products in a crash course.
Traditional Balinese massages and SPA treatments enjoy a high level of recognition worldwide and are, for many, a single reason to travel to Bali. After the course, you will be able to apply the knowledge you have learned even after your dream vacation.
You will also learn to use the beauty products correctly. You will be trained in massage practices and the ancient traditional healing practices of the Balinese.
Your tour includes the transfer, private guide, beauty and SPA workshop, massage workshop, lunch and soft drinks.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-06
(children from 170 USD; adults from 170 USD p. p.)

How many times have you wondered how perfumes are made?
Experience it at the birthplace of most of the world’s perfumes. As well as being a treasure trove of beauty products, Indonesia is also home to some of the world’s most widely used raw materials for the manufacture of fragrant fragrances.
If you want a fragrance that you cannot buy and that corresponds to your special, individual character – simply create it yourself!
Try your hand at an infinite variety of different odor combinations from roots, woods, fruits, spices, grasses and flowers and learn the secrets of the ingredients and the process of making the perfume.
In addition to well-known smells such as jasmine, cinnamon, lavender, citrus fruits, cloves or coffee, you have a huge selection of the most exotic ingredients available to experiment extensively.
At the beginning of the workshop you fill out a questionnaire to get to know your personal character better. Are you reticent, extroverted, sporty, sensitive, romantic? In the end, your scent will exactly match your individual character.
Of course, your perfume also needs a name that you choose. You will ultimately receive the 30ml perfume bottle nicely packaged and with an individual label as a unique souvenir or gift for your dearest friends or relatives. During your day tour you will be accompanied by professional experts. The transfer, all ingredients that you use for experimentation, your individually designed perfume in a 30ml bottle and luxurious packaging and label, as well as drinks are included in this excursion.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-07
(children from 40 USD; adults from 80 USD p. p.)

From the south of Bali it goes into the cool climate of the beautiful landscapes of the Bedugul Highlands at 1,500 meters above sea level.
On the way you will make a short stop at a strawberry plantation, where you will taste the tropical variant of the sugar-sweet fruit.
Then it goes to a somewhat very unusual highlight – the abandoned Bedugul Hotel. The huge resort was built 20 years ago by the family of then President Suharto and was never really completed. The reason for this: The buildings are haunted and they are considered to be one of the scariest places in all of Bali.
After the horror tour it goes to one of the most beautiful spots in all of Bali. You will visit the mystical Ulun Danu Temple located in the picturesque Beratan Lake. one of the most beautiful natural photo backdrops for weddings and romantic couples in all of Bali. In this magical place you have the opportunity to taste the culinary specialties in one of the numerous idyllic restaurants with a fantastic view of the beautiful nature.
Well strengthened, you continue to the world-famous rice terraces of Jatiluwih – you will be enchanted by the color contrasts of the diverse natural landscapes.
The sacred Tanah Lot Temple, one of the most beautiful marine temples in the world, is built on a rock in the middle of the ocean and can be reached on foot at low tide. For many centuries the legend has been held that this magical temple is protected against evil forces and conquerors by giant sea serpents.
Your tour includes your private chauffeur with an air-conditioned car, professional guide, entrance fees, fuel, parking fees and donations for the local villages.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-08
(children from 40 USD; adults from 80 USD p. p.)

Experience the cultural, religious and natural highlights and learn more about the traditional customs, handicrafts and everyday life of the local village population.
During your private tour through the wild tropical nature around the active volcano Batur, enjoy the culinary specialties of Bali on a tea and coffee plantation, where you admire and taste the production processes of the most expensive coffee in the world, the “Kopi Luwak” become. In addition to tea and coffee, you will discover and taste the most exotic fruits on the numerous plantations.
Afterwards, learn more about the ancient customs and handicrafts of the locals in the traditional villages of Celuk, Mas and Topati.
When you arrive at Mount Batur, enjoy your lunch with a breathtaking view over the picturesque volcanic lake and the majestic mountain.
On the way back, let yourself be enchanted by the view over the world-famous, picturesque rice terraces of Tegalalang and get to know the funny gang of monkeys in the Monkey Forest.
Note: The monkeys are not only cute and funny to look at, but are also happy to go on “souvenirs” from visitors. So take good care of your wallet, glasses, camera, etc.
Your transfer with private chauffeur and air-conditioned car, professional guide, entrance fees, parking fees & petrol, coffee and tea tasting, lunch and mineral water are included in your tour.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-09
(children from 40 USD; adults from 80 USD p. p.)

Today you will visit the wonderful natural landscapes of East Bali and the most fantastic and beautiful palaces of Bali – Tirta Gangga and Taman Ujung with their wonderful parks and spiritual swimming pools.
Before heading to the magnificent palaces, however, visit the Bat Cave – Goa Lawah. The cave is home to thousands of bats and, according to legend, the home of a giant kite.
Then it goes to the palace of Klungkung Kerta Gos, In the temple complex, which served as a courthouse long ago, you will admire unique paintings and reliefs.
Then you have to put on your swimming trunks or bikini, because you go to the snow-white dream beach “White Sand Beach” and you can refresh yourself in the crystal clear, warm water of the Indian Ocean.
Towards the end of your tour, you will hike through the majestic parks and beautiful pool landscapes of the Tirta Gangga Water Palace and Taman Ujung Royal Palace, which were built by the King of Karangasem as a status symbol of his power.
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for driver and car, as well as entrance fees, professional guide, mineral water and donations for the local village communities are already included.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-11
(children from 50 USD; adults from 85 USD p. p.)

Your tour begins after breakfast in the hotel and takes you first to a beautiful black volcanic beach, where you first have time to explore the wild nature and to relax and bathe. The area is not very touristy and offers a dream backdrop for fantastic photos.
Then it’s off to the Ujung Royal Water Palace, which was built by the King of Karangasem, I Gusti Jelantik, in 1909. The picturesque pool landscape and the typical old Balinese architecture with the majestic Mount Agung in the background will inspire you.
You will then be driven to three different sections of the beach, where you will explore the colorful and diverse underwater world while snorkeling, far away from the hustle and bustle of tourists in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.
After saying goodbye to the colorful fish and corals, you continue to Pura Lempuyang Luhur (“The Temple of Thousand Steps”) – a Balinese Hindu temple, the year of which has not yet been explored. In order to be able to view the sanctuary of the Hindus in all its glory, embark on a somewhat strenuous tour up 1,700 steps and reward yourself with a spectacular panoramic view of the temple and over the Indian Ocean.
On the way back to the hotel you take a break to discover the picturesque and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali – the Tegenungan waterfall, hidden in the tropical rainforest.
Refresh yourself in the crystal clear water, enjoy a wonderful natural shower or maybe even dare to jump off the rock into the cool water.
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for driver and car, as well as entrance fees, snorkeling equipment, professional guide, mineral water and donations for the local village communities are already included.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-12
(children from 50 USD; adults from 85 USD p. p.)

The highest and most difficult mountain to climb in Bali is Mount Agung.
At 3,142 meters, the volcano offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the neighboring islands of Java, Nusa Penida and Lombok and rewards everyone for their efforts with fantastic VIP seats high above the clouds for a spectacular sunrise.
Before you head through the wild tropical rainforest and the rugged mountains towards the mountain peak, a traditional prayer ceremony awaits you in the mother of all Hindu temples in Bali, the Besakih Temple.
This ceremony should be taken seriously. It is used to ask the holy spirits of the mountain world, who are considered to be the guardians of nature and the visitors, for the ascent for permission and to show them their respect.
Please note that a good physical condition is required for a successful promotion. In addition, you move through wild nature and different climate zones and should therefore bring both light and thin clothing as well as a rain jacket, a warm sweater or jacket and comfortable hiking shoes or sandals with you.
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for driver and car, as well as entrance fees, professional guide, food & mineral water and donations for the local village communities are already included.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-13
(children from 50 USD; adults from 80 USD p. p.)

Your professional guide will pick you up early in the morning at the reception of your hotel and drive you to the foot of Mount Batur in the tropical rainforest. From here your ascent to the 1,717 meter high summit begins. Your guide will help you overcome difficult passages.
Once at the top, you will soon be rewarded for your efforts. Shortly after 5:00 a.m. you will experience an unforgettable sunrise. Enjoy this magical moment over the picturesque Batur Lake and the dark silhouette of the mighty Mount Agung (3,142 m). When the visibility is good, you can see the top of Mount Rinjani (3,726 m) on Lombok protruding from an orange-colored stripe on the horizon.
Your breakfast will be served to you during your approximately one hour break on the summit. The preparation is a highlight in itself. Your breakfast egg, tea and coffee are heated in volcanic steam. After this refreshment, you will explore three younger craters in Mount Batur, which let fresh lava flow continuously before returning to the car through the unreal volcanic landscapes.
As an alternative to the day tour, you also have the option of booking a two-day tour where you spend the night in a homestay in the traditional village of Toya Bungkah. The place is known for its healing volcanic hot springs. Very beneficial after a strenuous hiking excursion.
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for driver and car, as well as entrance fees, professional guide, food & mineral water and donations for the local village community are already included. Experience and enjoy nature even more intensely and immerse yourself in the traditional everyday life of the village community and learn more about their culture and customs


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-15
(children from 40 USD; adults from 80 USD p. p.)

Experience with us an adventurous and wild journey over the Telaga Waja River. Your rafting tour will take you over a total length of 14 kilometers through tropical rainforests, waterfalls, cliffs and along the wild animals on the shore.
Your experienced team is trained in Australian and international safety standards and instructs you professionally before you go into the wild tides. You are in absolutely safe hands, even if this is your first rafting trip in your life.
After 2.5 hours of unforgettable adrenaline rush and adventure in the wilderness of Bali, a warm shower and a well-deserved lunch buffet await you to recharge your batteries.
Please do not forget to take a change of clothes with you, as you will definitely get very wet.
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for driver and car, as well as entrance fees, safety equipment, professional rafting guide, mineral water, warm shower facilities and towels, lunch buffet after your tour, insurance (for 5 – 65 year olds Participants of up to US $ 50,000) and donations for the local village communities are already included.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-16
(children from 60 USD; adults from 85 USD p. p.)

For all horse and riding lovers, we offer you an unforgettable ride into the sunset through the beautiful natural landscapes of Bali.
You start your tour at Yeh Gangga Beach, in the north of one of the most famous and holiest places in southern Bali with the world-famous sea temple Tanah Lot.
During your ride, discover the colorful, varied landscapes, along tropical rainforests, rice terraces, traditional villages and watch the locals extracting sea salt, fishing and harvesting on the plantations.
Experience black volcanic beaches, mystical temples, bat caves and a spectacular sunset over the Indian Ocean on the beach.
Enjoy the seemingly endless freedom and the unique, cultural and natural features of the island of gods and demons on horseback
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for driver and car, international safety equipment, professional guide, soft drinks, insurance (up to US $ 25,000) are already included.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-17
(children from 100 USD; adults from 100 USD p. p.)

Experience new and extreme water sports fun that will literally make you “take off”.
If you’ve ever had the dream of flying – make it come true with this day tour.
Take off like Marty McFly with his hoverboard in “Back to the Future”, but not in the stressful everyday traffic of the big city, but over the gentle and warm waters of the Indian Ocean.
If you think that it is incredibly difficult to get into the air, you will be positively surprised. After a professional introduction to the techniques and secrets of the flyboard, most beginners manage to realize their dream of flying after just 5 – 10 minutes. If you are already practiced and talented in various water sports, you will probably be able to perform spectacular tricks in the same time.
Flyboard is fun for young and old and does not require any special physical condition.
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for the driver and car, professional instruction, safety equipment, a 30-minute flight with the flyboard and insurance are already included.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-18
(children from 70 USD; adults from 150 USD p. p.)

Your private sailing cruise takes you from Benoa harbor in about 90 minutes, depending on the wind conditions, to the small, paradisiacal sister island of Bali with snow-white dream beaches and a fantastic underwater world. Relax with the refreshing ocean breeze with coffee, tea, fresh fruit and pastries and maybe catch a fish while fishing. Your catamaran is equipped for every weather with the best comfort inside and outside to guarantee you a wonderful sailing turn.
Discover the wonders of the species-rich and colorful underwater world while snorkeling and glide over the colorful coral world with a glass-bottom boat without getting wet.
A little cultural experience is of course also provided. Learn more about the traditional way of life of the islanders and visit the seagrass farmers at work on the Indian Ocean.
A fantastic beach BBQ with a glass of wine or a cold beer and an incredible variety of water and land activities await you on Lembongan Island.
Relax on the island on the snow-white dream beaches or by the pool directly on the beach, explore the colorful underwater world, paddle a sea canoe through the shallow waves and over the nearby reefs, or take part in some of the many sports activities on Beach.
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for driver and car, sailing cruise, including catering, beach BBQ, water sports activities such as snorkeling, sea canoes, glass-bottom boats, visiting the seagrass farmers during their daily work (incl . Equipment) and much more are already included. On Lembongan Island you also have free access to the swimming pool and sports activities.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-19
(children from 120 USD; adults from 130 USD p. p.)

Experience the fascinating colorful underwater world from a new perspective. Just hike with the “Bali Marine Walk” on the seabed and let yourself be enchanted by the blaze of colors of the corals and fish around you (please be careful not to touch or step on corals, starfish, etc.).
Your professional guide will give you a thorough introduction to the technique and behavior under water in advance. Then you go like an astronaut with a large dome, who supplies you with oxygen, into the world of clown fish, turtles, manta rays, reef sharks etc. You don’t need any diving experience (you don’t even have to be able to swim) for this underwater walk and do not need to be afraid of dangerous animals.
Even if this will be your absolute highlight on this day, your trip will already begin with an unforgettable cruise to Lembongan Island across the Indian Ocean.
Arrived on the small, paradisiacal sister island of Bali, a delicious beach BBQ and a variety of exciting water activities such as snorkeling, banana boats, sea canoes, water skiing and much more await you.
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for driver and car, cruise to Lembongan Island, including catering, beach BBQ, 15-minute underwater hike with the “Bali Marine Walk”, water sports such as snorkeling, sea canoeing, Water skis, banana boats (including equipment) and much more are already included.


Tour-Code: ID-Excursion-20
(children from 110,- USD; adults from 140 USD p. p.)

The American supply ship USAT Liberty-Wrack is 120 meters long and 9-30 meters deep in the Indian Ocean, approx. 30 meters off the coast of Tulamben.
In 1942 the ship was on its way from Australia to the Philippines with a load of railway parts and rubber. In 1942 it was torpedoed and destroyed by a Japanese submarine. The salvage by the Dutch and Australian navy was ended by the high water incidence, and so it was initially left on the beach of Tulamben. When Mount Agung erupted in 1963, the wreck slid from the beach into the Bali Sea and finally found its final resting place there, lying on its side.
The wreck, with its overgrown soft and hard corals, is one of the most attractive dive sites in Bali today.
This tour can be booked by beginners, but it is advisable to be more experienced in diving. Your professional diving guide will instruct you professionally before you go on one of the most beautiful wreck dives in the world and explore the new home of numerous colorful anemones, corals and fish
Your private chauffeur with air-conditioned car and all expenses for driver and car, boat tour and diving equipment, professional diving guide, lunch, 2x dives, insurance, and much more are already included.

and much more …


Please note that we can only offer you these inexpensive and private day tours with your own guide and driver in combination with a minimum 7-day round trip or honeymoon trip.

Our private trips include the following inclusive services:


  • Individual travel planning according to your wishes
  • Flexible start and end times
  • Private chauffeur with an air-conditioned private car
  • Safe & comfortable travel
  • Professional & private tour guide
  • Selected accommodation and meals
  • All excursions including entrance fees
  • Fees & special permits for national parks
  • Donations to the local population
  • Free & professional advice
  • 24/7 WhatsApp & email service even during your trip
  • Bankruptcy insurance
All of our private trips can be booked or redesigned and adapted in the same way, shorter or longer, or according to your own ideas (hotel categories, excursions, combinations, etc.) – you decide when it starts!

How does travel planning and booking work with Dewi Tours?


Personal & professional advice

We would be happy to advise you personally, in order to get a better and faster insight into your wishes. Our travel examples can be designed in exactly the same way, combined, shorter, longer or according to your own wishes. Our travel specialists will (based on their own experience) present you with optimal travel routes and transparent prices for your planned dream trip.


Individual planning according to your wishes

After we know your wishes, the responsible travel specialists will send you a corresponding offer as soon as possible, of course non-binding and without obligation. We will then discuss this offer with you and will be happy to make changes according to your wishes. You decide when to start and how long you want to travel.




We concentrate 100% on your stay in your destination, receive you wherever and whenever you arrive, adapt the itinerary to your individual flight times and wishes, and are also available to you personally during the trip via email and WhatsApp 24 / 7 available for a smooth and relaxing trip. This enables us to respond promptly and personally to all eventualities, such as flight delays, extra requests on site, etc.

As an individual tour operator, we do not have fixed travel dates like many package tour operators.
With us, you as a customer decide when you want to fly and how long you want to stay, and therefore ideally you can also book the most cost-effective flight connection for yourself using the popular online search engines such as Kayak, Skyscanner, etc.
We will be happy to help you find the best international flight for you. Domestic flights are already included in our trips.


Travel booking

Only when you are 100% satisfied with our travel planning will your written booking be made with us and you can lean back and look forward to a dream trip according to your individual wishes. We will make all bookings for you in the destination and then send you our travel confirmation / invoice and your travel insurance certificate. Your deposit is 20% when booking, the balance is due 30 days before departure.




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